Nexus: Episode I

  • Nexus: Episode I
  • Jenre: arcade
  • Release date: 7.10.2010
  • Platform: Windows
  • Download links: work in process
Nexus is a small vertical space scroller made in retro style: pixel-art, tracker music and pretty hardcore gameplay - the best traditions of the 8-bit and 16-bit console games.

The game was made specifically for the competition held a decent (in past) dedicated to the development of computer games website .

The game takes place in the XXVIII century. Nearly the whole habitable space is divided between the various organizations, mostly terrorist. There are skirmishes between rival factions almost every day. One no longer young scientist-archaeologist don't interested by space conflicts. He flew in the most distant parts of the galaxy to find an ancient artifact. According to legend, the artifact is somewhere in the Far Star Clusters, where once upon a time there was a civilization of Bozonts who was famous for incredibly advanced technology. Little is known about artifact: someone believes it's a weapon, while others think it's a key to Universal Knowledge...

The player will control the spacecraft, kill enemies, dodge obstacles, improve the ship, it's classic. An integral part of the game is the unique bosses, and you will have to invent their tactics for each of their.